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“BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer serves as the basis for everything we do involving income tax, including providing documentation for external auditors and SEC reporting.”

Richard Lujan,
Director of Tax,
Western Refining, Inc.

BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer: IRS Audit and Tax Planning Software

The Essential Software for Corporate Income Tax Management

At the heart of federal tax compliance, planning, reporting, and IRS audits, is the nerve-wracking task of managing complex tax attributes that span multiple years. Most tax-related packages, including income tax preparation software, lack a multi-year view for handling income tax calculations.

As leading corporations and even the IRS have discovered, only BNA Corporate Tax™ Analyzer automates the calculation and tracking of carryforwards and carrybacks of NOLs, FTCs, AMT, GBCs, charitable contributions, and more over multiple years.

With its comprehensive set of calculations, compliance, reporting, planning, and audit capabilities, BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer can enhance or replace risky, time-consuming spreadsheets, saving tax departments hundreds of hours of time and effort every year.

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From compliance and analysis to IRS negotiations, you know that corporate tax management today requires professional skills that go far beyond filing tax returns. And you also know how important it is to have reliable results that can stand up to intense scrutiny from auditors, executives, and investors.

With BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer you gain the utmost precision, control, and visibility over every aspect of corporate income tax management. Calculations, analysis, and reporting are all handled automatically, with far greater efficiency and peace of mind than those done on spreadsheets.

BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer is the only software that automates and manages complex federal corporate income tax attributes over multiple years.

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Take Complexity and Risk out of Corporate Tax Calculations: Carryovers, Carrybacks, NOLs, FTCs, GBCs, and More

BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer automates and manages the carryovers, carrybacks, and limitations of tax attributes over a 30-year period. You’ll save hours of effort each year with accurate, automatic calculation of complex tax attributes such as net operating losses (NOLs), general business credits, foreign tax credits, and more. Complement or replace existing spreadsheets to gain efficiency and optimize use of business credits.

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Gain Greater Insight with Reserve Planning for FIN 48 Analysis

BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer lets you quickly analyze the impact of new law changes, uncertain tax positions, and the tax implications of business decisions such as mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, and sales of entities with multiple side-by-side scenarios. With BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer, you can determine the most tax-advantageous long- and short-term course of action and better manage your company’s tax risk, an important part of FIN 48 compliance.

Ensures Accuracy of Form 1120 Returns

For total peace of mind as well as the potential for tax savings, let BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer ensure your current and previous Form 1120 returns are correct and optimized. BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer delivers an independent and reliable source of calculations to help identify errors before or after filing and streamlines the preparation of amended returns.

Fast-Track IRS Audits

While other products claim to automate the audit process, no other solution puts you on the same page as the IRS. BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer is the only corporate tax software used by IRS Appeals and LB&I. It gives you total visibility into IRS calculations and the laws applied, enabling better communication with IRS auditors, a faster resolution, and quick analysis of proposed adjustments to optimize outcomes and protect the bottom line.

Demonstrate Compliance with Thorough Documentation

Spreadsheets can’t deliver the kind of audit-ready, comprehensive, and transparent documentation you need in today’s tax and financial world. With BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer, you’ll always know how calculations were performed and the tax laws that were applied.

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Start optimizing your corporate income taxes with BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer. With BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer, you gain the utmost precision, control, and visibility over every aspect of corporate income tax management.

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