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“[BNA Income Tax Planner] has enabled me to grow my practice from 200 to over 1,200 clients.”

Steve Frushtick
Wiener Frushtick & Straub, P.C.

BNA Income Tax Planner

The Most Trusted, Widely-Used Tax Planning Software

Delivering expertise you can trust, BNA Income Tax™ Planner is an effective, efficient, accurate tax planning software solution with the most respected name in income tax planning. BNA Income Tax Planner can help you save time, ensure accuracy, streamline the tax planning process, and minimize your clients’ tax burden. BNA Income Tax Planner is used and embraced by tax, legal, and financial planning, professionals in firms of all sizes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Watch how BNA Income Tax Planner helps customers navigate the most complex tax planning scenarios and minimize their clients’ tax burden.

Available with Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Web Access: BNA Income Tax Planner Web

In today’s highly mobile workplace, CPAs and other accounting professionals need the ability to access client data whether they are working from home, on-site with a client, or traveling for business. With BNA Income Tax™ Planner Web, gain secure access to the most up-to-date data, calculations, templates, and analysis anytime, from virtually any location.

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Makes Tax Planning Effective, Accurate & Efficient

Analyzing the full, potential tax implications of life and financial changes such as marriage, ROTH conversions, retirement, and stock sales is the core value of effective tax planning. Yet, it’s easy to get bogged down creating, comparing, and analyzing what-if scenarios.

With BNA Income Tax Planner you can accurately and efficiently show clients what their tax situation looks like with in-depth analysis and comparison of multiple, side-by-side scenarios. Calculations, analytics, and regulatory compliance are all handled automatically, with greater peace of mind than using spreadsheets, tax preparation software or traditional financial planning packages.

Bloomberg BNA’s renowned tax expertise is built right into the software, providing you the most up-to-date, comprehensive calculations and projections. With BNA Income Tax Planner you’ll increase your productivity, and attract and retain clients, while helping them build and preserve wealth.

Comprehensive Income Tax Planning & Tax Projection Software Features

Whether using BNA Income Tax Planner via the CD or the web version, users have access to the most trusted planning tools the industry has come to depend upon. Additionally the web version gives you anywhere, anytime access with even more program power, speed, and functionality.

BNA Income Tax Planner provides extensive features that are designed to handle simple to very complex tax scenarios and provides professionals with a wide array of tax planning and tax projection tools including:

  • Multiple tax scenarios help you compare side-by-side 'what ifs' to determine best tax savings
  • 20 planning years offer true projection capability
  • Drill-down analysis capabilities allow you to precisely manage the tax ramifications of marriage and divorce, real estate transactions, stock options, and more
  • Up-to-date calculations assure you are working with the latest tax law
  • Prior-year tax calculations going back to 1987 help you effectively manage audits, adjustments, and back-tax engagements

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Accurate Tax Calculations: Takes the Guess Work Out of Planning

Offering the most accurate set of calculations available, BNA Income Tax Planner allows you to quickly calculate federal income taxes including alternative minimum tax (AMT), capital gains, estimated tax payments, stock options, and more.

  • Fast, accurate software updates assure you’re always working with the most current, most accurate tax law and information possible
  • The optional Fifty State Planner version supports resident state income taxes for all states, New York City, and Washington DC, and nonresident tax for California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and many other states

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Industry-Leading Software Support

Our tax experts can help you get up to speed and be immediately productive with BNA Income Tax Planner.

  • Free, unlimited telephone technical support using our toll-free number
  • Knowledgeable technical and subject matter experts
  • Comprehensive, fully-indexed user and tax reference materials
  • NASBA-CPE accredited training is available

Customer Success Stories

Read how our customers use BNA Income Tax Planner to help save time, ensure accuracy, streamline the tax planning process, and minimize their clients’ tax burden.

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What Others Say

CPA Practice Advisor.Five-Star Review from CPA Practice Advisor
"A user-friendly and power tax planning system, BNA Income Tax Planner differentiates itself from the market with its accessibility from the web and versatility to integrate with several different tax compliance programs."
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The Progressive Accountant.Review from The Progressive Accountant
"With a wide library of reports and features, BNA Income Tax Planner is an extensive planning tool that handles not only current tax projections but the filing of back taxes, estate taxes, retirement planning, investment planning and other features not included in other tax planning software solutions."
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