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Do Your Clients Expect Speed and Accuracy?

Web-based tax planning tools can help you accomplish both — with the added benefit of access where you need it, when you want it.

In a world where virtually any fact can be accessed with the click of a mouse or a smartphone, clients may not be happy to hear they need to wait Do Your Clients Expect Speed and Accuracy?for answers to their tax-planning questions. And, as any tax or financial advisor knows, happy clients are the key to a successful practice.

When a client calls with an urgent question, your first reaction may be to respond as quickly as possible. But speed alone will not guarantee satisfied clients. Accuracy is equally, if not more, important.

“The worst thing you can do is give clients a quick, off-the-cuff answer that turns out to be wrong,” says Dean Sonderegger, executive director of product management at Bloomberg BNA. “These kinds of situations can be make-or-break moments in your relationships with your clients.”

What You Need, Where You Need It

To ensure clients are getting accurate information in a timely manner, many CPAs, tax advisors, and financial planners rely on BNA Income Tax™ Planner Web to gain secure access to the most up-to-date data, calculations, and analysis at any time and from virtually any location.

Consider the case of Kathi Zimmer, CFP® and principal at Pittsburgh-based Zimmer Financial Planning. Zimmer relied on BNA Income Tax Planner with her former employer since 2005. When she launched her own financial-planning practice, she knew she could rely on BNA Income Tax Planner Web to provide the speed and accuracy her clients demanded, along with the convenience of a Web-based application.

As a small startup, Zimmer doesn’t have the technical resources of a larger firm, so BNA Income Tax Planner Web was a good fit for her practice. “With a Web-based product, I don’t have to worry about the infrastructure of maintaining software on my own computer,” says Zimmer.

Zimmer knows that when year-end rolls around, clients will be calling with last-minute tax-planning questions. Whether it’s an alternative minimum tax calculation or assessing the impact of a potential stock option exercise, Zimmer needs to be able to provide quick, accurate answers.

“Being able to accurately project what my clients’ tax returns will look like come next April is critical,” says Zimmer. “With [BNA] Income Tax Planner Web, I can enter data and do some quick ‘what-if’ analysis while clients are on the phone with me.” She also appreciates that BNA Income Tax Planner Web is continuously updated to reflect the latest regulatory changes.

Learn more about BNA Income Tax Planner Web or contact a Bloomberg BNA software product sales representative at 1.800.424.2938 (option 3) for additional information.