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When tax laws change, BNA Income Tax Planner provides you with the fastest, most accurate updates available in the market

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Be confident that your depreciation calculations are
accurate with BNA Fixed Assets Software

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Gain visibility

BNA Corporate Tax Analyzer has the power &
flexibility to solve many corporate tax challenges

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Bloomberg BNA provides expert tax and accounting software relied on by leading professional firms, corporations, and the IRS.

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Complying with the Tangible Asset & Repair Regulations

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Empowering the Tax Department with ERP and Tax Depreciation Integration

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Expert Software Solutions

Bloomberg BNA offers category-standard software including fixed asset depreciation software, income tax planning software, and corporate tax software. These products provide the highest degree of tax, regulatory, and compliance expertise and are the solution of choice for more than 70,000 customers in accounting, law, and financial planning firms, as well as corporations of every size and the IRS.

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The Complete Solution for Fixed Asset Management, Inventory & Control

BNA Fixed Assets™ software is easy-to-use, cost-effective fixed asset and depreciation software that enables tax and accounting professionals in companies of any size to efficiently manage the complete fixed asset lifecycle. BNA Asset Inventory™ software and hardware helps you manage and track your moveable fixed assets such as furniture, fixtures, IT software & hardware, plant assets, equipment, and more – from receipt of the asset through to retirement.

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The Most Trusted, Widely-Used Tax Planning Software

BNA Income Tax™ Planner is an effective, efficient, accurate software solution from the most respected name in income tax planning. Relied upon by tax, financial planning, and legal professionals in firms of all sizes, BNA Income Tax Planner can help you save time, ensure accuracy, streamline the planning process, and minimize your clients’ tax burden. With BNA Income Tax Planner Web, it’s now possible to gain secure access to the most up-to-date data, calculations, and analysis anytime, from virtually any location.

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The Essential Software for Corporate Income Tax Management

BNA Corporate Tax™ Analyzer is the only corporate tax audit and planning software that automates and manages federal corporate income tax attributes over multiple years. Even the IRS uses it! Calculations, compliance, audit, reporting, and planning all wrapped up in one, easy-to-use, always up-to-date tool.

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Wealth & Estate Planning Software

Combined with the most robust estate tax calculator available, BNA Estate & Gift Tax™ Planner allows you to create accurate, professional, and compelling estate plans and presentations for your clients. BNA 706 Preparer makes filing estate tax returns quick, accurate, and cost-effective. BNA 709 Preparer simplifies gift tax form preparation, saving you time and effort while ensuring accuracy

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Simple, Affordable Sales Tax & Use Rates and Forms Software

Stop depending on time-consuming, manual efforts for managing and complying with sales tax requirements and start using our professional sales tax rates and sales tax forms software. BNA Sales & Use Tax™ Rates and BNA Sales & Use Tax Forms save you time with access to automated and up-to-the-minute sales tax rates for every U.S. taxing jurisdiction and a comprehensive library of forms.

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The Complete Professional Tax Forms Software

Get any form, any time with the #1 best-selling tax forms software – SuperForm® Tax Forms. The most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easiest-to-use source of federal, state, and local tax and informational forms, SuperForm Tax Forms does what tax prep packages and government websites cannot: provide access to virtually every federal, state, and local form you'll ever need so you’re always able to complete the job and meet tight deadlines!

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Like-Kind Exchange

Avoid higher taxes arising from the expiration of Bonus Depreciation.

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What Our Customers Say

Watkins Meegan clients share one trait:  They all rely on Watkins Meegan to provide ongoing fixed-assets tax and accounting support.

"Having the ability to pull data up anywhere or anytime allows us to get the answers we need and meet our clients’ needs as efficiently as possible."
Jason Fleetwood, Partner and Group Leader at Watkins Meegan

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Customer Success Story

BNA CPA Makes the Move to Cloud-Based Tax Planning

Learn how BNA Income Tax™ Planner Web helps Bernie Ackerman and his team meet clients’ needs both in the office and on the road.

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